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On 16 and 17 November 2013 the 3rd edition of the annual PNEM Sound Art Festival takes place. An unique festival in the Netherlands, organized by the Platform New Experimental Music.

This festival offers a stage for musicians and artists working on the cutting edge of sound, music and new media. This is also the area of interest of the organisers, an artists’ initiative with Victor Notermans, Antoon Versteegde, Karel den Biggelaar, Dan Hoevenaars and Jan Jongedijk. These fine young elderly men have made un-music as a band since 2005 and call themselves Radio Approxim. They own a studio in a former transformer building of the Provincial North-Brabant Electricity Company in Uden, the very building where the Platform New Experimental Music was founded and where they started organising the PNEM Sound Art Festival in 2011.

This festival offers an international platform for the development and implementation of experimental music and sound art. The performers for this particular ‘no budget’ initiative are ‘recruited’ through an Open Call. For this third edition of the PNEM Sound Art Festival 90 artists from all over the world submitted their work by means of an ‘open call’ on the internet. The organisers have selected 30 works, ranging from performances, video works, soundscapes and sound systems.

Just like in the previous editions a special happening takes place called ‘Wood Walk Experience’, a sound walk specially made for the beautiful woods of ‘de Maashorst’. In this year for the first time, you can enjoy the Drive-in Audio Park experience: Soundart in parked cars.

In the field of existing festivals for contemporary music and sound art (like the famous November Music in Den Bosch, the international Gaudeamus music week in Utrecht and HEAR festival in Heerlen, to name just a few), the PNEM Sound Art Festival has emerged as a very interesting and totally unique initiative, where spectators will find a fascinating and versatile 2-day program on a very special location, at the edge of the woods.

Armeno Alberts

composer, musician, sound artist, program maker of VPRO Radio-Cafe Sonore

The third edition of the international PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden offers you two days of live music and sound art, video and audio projects, lectures and workshops.

The festival challenges visitors from regular cultural activities in the Uden region to just let go and open up to innovative images and sound sculptures. The interaction between musicians, artists and audience, the inspiring location in and around the old ‘Pnemgebouw’ at the edge of the forest where autumn colours in full bloom and the determination of the Platform to push new experimental music to its limits make this soundart festival a truly unique experience.

An international festival, with static and dynamic elements and a line-up with dozens of foreign artists, specifically on ground-breaking sound art, is a welcome addition to the cultural variety in this region.

Lovers of art and culture, artists and musicians are introduced to internationally renowned artists and up-and-coming new talents at a high-quality soundart festival that was organized without significant financial support.

The organizers of this festival with a varied programme, working with very little except a lot of positive energy and a modest budget deserve our admiration. The festival could only be realized because the artists travel at their own expense, or present their work digitally, which underlines the importance of this international festival. In Uden they are given a warm welcome and are accomodated with art-loving host families. I wish the organizers every success to consolidate and expand their artistic ambitions in this festival that will be indispensable for the cultural colour of our region. Thanks to the cooperation with regional companies, musicians and secondary schools, the future of the festival is guaranteed and we hope many editions will follow.

I wish you a wonderful and inspiring series of concerts!

Thijs Vonk
alderman for culture

Sounds of the future by today's dedicated artists

On 16 and 17 November, everyone is welcome to come, watch and listen to the music of tomorrow by the creators of today, during the third edition of the international PNEM Sound Art Festival 2013.

In particular, all artists, participating with a piece of audio or video, are invited to visit the festival for free. For the entrants who unfortunately can not participate in the program, it is possible to visit the festival at reduced rates.

If possible, all foreign artists can overnight for free in Uden during the festival at home of one of the Friends of the Festival.

Location PNEM Uden

The festival is located in Uden in the south of The Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium (Eindhoven) and Germany (Nijmegen). The festival is an international platform of new experimental music, noise and sound installations, acoustic and electronic, performance and visual music made by today’s talent.

PNEM Festival 2013

The open call for dedicated artists started on May 1 and ended July 31. Entries could include live performances and installations or presentations using audio and video. To maximize the number of live performances during the festival, we suggest the presentations should last no longer than 20-30 minutes. For spatial installations we have limited space available inside the building. Outside in the wooded area there is plenty of space  to realize location-based sound projects. There will also be organized the Woodwalk Experience, where the visitors walk through the forest dressed in autumn colors while listening to the submissions with mp3-players and headphones. This year for the first time, we have a Drive-in Audiopark, where the audience can listen to different compositions in cars.

Conditions & support

We can not support the participating artists in the costs they incur to participate in the festival, such as fees or travel expenses. During the festival however we take care for a pleasant stay, good sleeping accommodation, food and drinks and a great atmosphere to meet each other, to attend workshops and share experiences. To this end, we organize an Artists' Breakfast on Sunday morning before the festival is publicly available, to meet and greet the other participants, each taking a short presentation showing their own work and circumstances.

Here you can see a video of the festival 2013

Look at pictures of the festival editions in 2011, 2012 and 2013

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