PNEM Sound Art Festival 2012

Platform New Experimental Music [PNEM] invited artists from all over the world to submit proposals for the next PNEM Sound Art Festival.

The two-day Sound Art Festival will be held on 17/18 November. The festival is located in the south of The Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium (Eindhoven) and Germany (Nijmegen).

This Sound Art Festival will present an international platform of new experimental music, noise and sound installations, acoustic and electronic, performances and visual music made by today's talent.

Festival participants  (in alphabetical order)

Vienne Chan - Germany, Hong Kong
Victoria Trinder - England
Simon Coates - United Arab Emirates
Scrag Aisedory - Ukraine
Mileton Araneta - Philippines
Ken Byers - England
Ethan Greene - America
D. Germansen - Denmark +D. Baiocchi - Italy
Anna Puhakka - Finland

Video 17/18 November

Yannick Franck - Belgium
Xo Xinh - America/Vietnam
Marcus Beuter - Germany
Alessandro Perini - Sweden/Italy

Live 17 November 19:30-23:00

Tickets à € 15,- aan de kassa

Live 18 November 10:30-16:30

Gratis toegang / vrije gift

Alessandro Perini - Sweden/Italy
Donné et Desirée - Netherlands
Husc Ensemble - Netherlands
Marcus Beuter - Germany
Radio Approxim - Netherlands
The Netherlands - Netherlands
Xo Xinh - America/Vietnam

Audio 18 November

Jason Sloan - America
Jennie Savage - England
Katie Gately - America
Sarah Boothroyd - Canada