Wander Live NL 2013


Wander will perform under the name of "wander".

Our project is going to be called “7 AM”.

We are Lex Raijmakers and Rutger Schimmel, we are both 18 years old and live in Uden, you might have heard of it.

We have had several musical projects together, mainly Lex playing bass guitar and Rutger playing lead guitar. But we have also made electronic music together under the name of Guaypaut.

Now we are taking a more serious turn in our musical partnership. With Lex performing the music and Rutger creating the visuals, we will perform our piece called “7 AM”. It’s about a person’s ordinary morning, like his morning has been for the past 15 years. The piece contains all the phases that the person goes through every morning, both physically and emotionally.