The Feedback Gents  Live DE 2015


The Feedback Gents

Out of the wilds

 - a sonic ballet from the outskirts of the urban spectacle -

In this performance we are using musical feedbacks to generate sound.

Space and audience  are naturally involved in the evolution of the feedback sound.

With resonating bodies like tubes, cups, cans, hands…  we are scanning the acoustic terms of the particular environment.

Nodes of oscillation, absorbation, reflectivity are made tangible in the room.

Robert Schleisiek/ Thilo Schölpen

Ever since they were young, these two have been making music together. They both play piano, and later studied music at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Amsterdam. They have worked together and separately as musicians and composers for theatre and film. Additionally, they give concerts in experimental/electronic environments and design audiovisual sculptures. Their inclination for feedback inspired them to develop the Feedback Aerophonium.


"..Picking up bottles, jars, cans, water bottles and drainpipes they produce an extraordinary sound.They move in and out of the audience, using objects they have brought with them, to create sounds with microphones.The energy between the two of them is palpable and effortless, moving from quiet clicks and ticks, to penetrating drones.I guess that every performance they do is unique, like two young boys, discovering a darkened cave and "telling" the audience what they have found through their sound..."