Simón Pérez Audio AR 2015


Las Cifras y Las Palabras 8'00

Simón Pérez was born in Argentina, in 1990. He studied analysis and acousmatic composition with Elsa Justel in Mar del Plata.

Also, he studied  composition in the National University of La Plata, and in the National University of Quilmes, as well took several

seminars of acousmatic and computer music. His works was mentioned and played in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chili, France, Germany, Spain and USA.

Las cifras y las palabras is an acousmatic stereo piece. The main material was taken from a washing machine, structuring the form of the piece, 

and taking the control of our space, looking others dimensions. I working with different technical approaches of the spatial perception 

like doppler, filters, panning, intensity, reverb, recordings space and gestures movements of the objects, etc.