Ruistuin Video NL 2013


Ruistuin is an experimental audio project, mainly focussing on electronica and ambient. The project was started while experimenting with a heavily modified SK5 and some fx.

For the current setup, drumcomputers, synthesizers and samplers are used as well to create a moving wall of sound.

The soundtrack for 'Ballet Mécanique' was performed live at the event 'Sidetrack View' at WEI in Eindhoven on 23-12-2011.

For this project a new soundtrack has been created to accompany this experimental silent movie of the early 20th century and perform it live during the show.

The short movie 'Augment Diminish' was created during the 2 day STEIM workshop 'sound as source for film' on 20-7-2013, a 2 day workshop on experimental sound approaches for cinema.