Paul Amlehn Audio NZ 2013


Paul Amlehn is an interdisciplinary artist based in New Zealand. He works in the mediums of: literature, painting, photography, music, and, film.

Amlehn’s art works have been placed in the collections of the MoMA, ZKM, and, documenta Archiv. His works have also been exhibited at festivals such as the IX Cuenca Bienal, Art 42 Basel (with the Serpentine Gallery), the 51st Venice Biennale, and the 55th Venice Biennale.

Paul Amlehn has collaborated on music projects with musicians from the bands of Lou Reed, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, and others, and with members of the Kronos Quartet, and Philip Glass Ensemble.

He is currently working on an album of music with texts and vocals by William S. Burroughs, courtesy of his Estate, and on an album of music which re-configures and re-imagines the music of John Cage, courtesy of the John Cage Trust.

Cross the Wounded Galaxies

Paul Amlehn - Catalyst Texts and Vocals for Music Composition, Texts,

Vocals, Arrangement, Mixing, Production

Ariel Lorca - Production

William S. Burroughs - Catalyst Vocals for Music Arrangement

RK Faulhaber - Vocal Treatments, Synthesis

Gerd Bessler - Piano, Viola, Flageolets, Vocal Effects, Vocals