Patryk Lichota Video PL 2011


Patryk Lichota

This performance interprets the concept of the 'Strange Loop' – examining the phenomena of the perception of consciousness through an audio-visual feedback loop. Two dancers are equipped with extended senses: camera – eyes and microphone – ears, their movement on stage triggering feedback of live sound and moving image. The point of reference is a centrally placed speaker, which serves as a primary sound source – creating a relationship axis with the dancers. The parameters of the audio feedback are constantly altered by the dancer’s movement through space. The visual feedback is the culminating point of the performance. The piece first brings about the awareness of the inner workings of the technology itself, then slowly transforms as the 'strange loops' overlap and effect each other. Around the feedback a narrative is created: discovering cognitive mechanisms, identification of space, one’s self and of another. The dance performance is simultaneously a live film – filling space on the stage.

Consciousness is a system of elements self-reconstructive in response to changing environmental stimuli. Machines digest senses. Machine metabolism. The content of our perception is the content of their stomachs. Output signals alter input signals circulating in the loop created by the system organism. Feedback is the machine’s consciousness, the information on its own operation. Strange Loop is the machine’s cry of identity. Strange Lóóp is the moment of consciousness which identifies its function. The scenic design is an identification map, a model of perception. Movement is the structure of the birth of cognitive processes. Mind becomes embodied.

Concept and Music: Patryk Lichota

Performers: Magdalena Przybysz, Marta Romaszkan