OCP Audio PT 2013


João Ricardo's work investigates the nuances of vibrations in our lives through the use of slow evolving compositions which emphasize the need for calm and slowness in today’s fast paced world. Ricardo explores abstract sceneries as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary space, creating meditative environments which suggest the expansion of space and time.

João Ricardo was born in Porto, Portugal.

After having toured as a death metal guitarist in the 90's and technically assisting super stars in a casino, he immersed in electronic music and never looked back.

In the advent of the new millenium the ocp project came to life.

Presently, João dedicates himself to performing live and to composition/production/experimentation with multimedia.

Throughout his career his work has been presented in Portugal, Holland, France, USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, India, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Italy and Romania.