Margriet Kicks-Ass Live NL 2013


Splashbox is an audio-visual performance made by Margriet Kicks-Ass.

With this self-built interactive sound-sculpture, two bassins of water are literally put in motion (with a remote controller)

and made audible by using two underwater microphones.

In her live performances Margriet builds compositions with selected daily objects under water

by adding them or taking them away. Each object has it's own sound.

This live concert consist of the noises of combined underwater resonances without adding effects!

During this wet dance also a minicamera is registrating her actions. These moving images

are projected on a big screen, so the audience can have a look into the source of this soundkitchen.

Margriet Kicks-Ass has over 10 years of experience in sound art and is the designer, builder, conductor and

musical performer of her own instruments. The physical power of sound is Margriet's inspiration source.

Her explorative journey consist of a mixture of electronic sound with acoustic vibrations.

Margriet Studied Sound & Image (Art & Science)

at the Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague(NL)