Luis Mejia VIDEO MX 2011


Luis Mejia -1985-Mexico.

As a contemporary musician and intermedia artist, his works take on multiple forms and expressions such as audiovisual performances, acousmatic and electronic music, conceptual art and multimedia installations, as well as film.

Mejía composes time based media considered as an homogenous mixture of different digital generated structures, analogue engines, programming, a variety of hybrid objects and instruments triggered by the most essential contiguity where thoughts, aesthetics, emotions and art, converge and blossom.

Comprehending Art as autopoietic and unique instance, Mejía defends vehemently the idiosyncratic idea of reaching "Absolutism" and holism trough art itself, this, as end result of the act and practice itself.

An all-embracing art form.

Minimal and complex coexist there.