Khaled Kaddal Audio/Video EG 2014


Alexandria(((s)))ound- Rope Pulling

Sawtyat Project

Khaled Ossama Kaddal (b. 1987, Alexandria, EG) is an Egyptian sound artist, musician, and composer. Alexandria(((s)))ound- Rope Pulling is a 10:55 min sound piece using self-recorded waves of the Urban of Alexandria. The sound demonstrates our opinions on the tension of the city. By sounds of the space we could explore the motion of the city, and to have a different perspective of the concept of Resistance. A mass of bodies in motion receiving the impact of the city, a mass of breathing lives building temporary shelters to dream and aspire. A mass of collective intelligence in movement transpiring with sounds. And in between, a growing leak of creativity and contestant. If we have positive force against a negative force facing each other, will create resistance in a neutral space. This is how the piece was structured. Alexandria(((s)))ound is developed into 3 parts. Each part contain 3 self-recorded sounds, which could be resumed into positive,negative and neutral sounds from the Urban from the perspective of the creator.