Janek Schaefer Audio UK  2011


Sound Artist, Musician & Composer Janek Schaefer was born in England to Polish and Canadian parents in 1970. While studying architecture at the Royal College of Art [RCA annual prize], he recorded the fragmented noises of a sound activated dictaphone travelling overnight through the Post Office. That work, titled ‘Recorded Delivery’ [1995] was made for the ‘Self Storage’ exhibition [Time Out critics choice] with one time postman Brian Eno and Artangel. Since then the multiple aspects of sound became his focus, resulting in many site-specific installations, exhibition & dance soundtracks, albums and concerts using his self built record players with manipulated found sound collage. The ‘Tri-phonic Turntable’ [1997] is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘World’s Most Versatile Record Player’. He has performed, lectured and exhibited widely throughout Europe [Sonar, Tate Modern, ICA], USA/Canada, [The Walker, XI, Mutek, Princeton], Japan, and Australia [Sydney Opera House]. In 2008 he won the Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers Prize, and The British Composer of the Year Award in Sonic Art. The Bluecoat Gallery exhibited a Retrospective of his 20 year career in 2009. He lives and works in Walton-on-Thames.