Dickie Webb Video NZ 2015


U DYS HET 7'19

Dickie Webb operates from a nomadic practice migrating between the Hemispheres.  Due to this continual migration Webbs’ life has become dislocated from societal norms. Current research uses “non-places” and “heterotopias” as initial starting points.  Webb uses these transient sites, as a means to reveal anomalies, inaccuracies similar to those displayed within human personalities. Using space as a metaphor and as a medium Webb looks passed the obvious and explores the liminal qualities, discovering this blurred arena from an outsider’s perspective.  U-DYS-HET is an audio/visual digital collage; glitch sound and image samples were taken from digital photographs of public parks within the city of Yerevan.  These parks resembled past, present and future ideals imposed on or fostered by the Armenian people.