David Prescott-Steed Audio AU 2015


Miscommunication Solo 9'05

David Prescott-Steed is a sound artist, writer and urban explorer based in Melbourne, Australia, and an Academic Fellow at the Academy of Design, where he teaches art history and visual culture studies. David has participated in new music events internationally, and is an ongoing contributor to the Kinokophonography project. 'Miscommunication Solo' belongs to a broader experimental sound-practice that spans rhythmic noise, electronic minimalism and musique concrète, improvising a counter-industrial language via found-sounds and technological impropriety. In this instance, Miscommunication Solo makes a simple, perambulatory homage both to what Matthew D. Lamb calls "the emancipatory potential of misuse" (Misuse of the Monument, 2014, p. 107), and to Paul Hegarty's notion of ineptness as "an opening of sound" (Noise/Music, 2008, p. 89).