Bela Emerson VIDEO UK 2013


Bela Emerson is an innovative and prolific performer of electric cello, electronics, tenor viol and musical saw, who creates passionate, evocative and spontaneous music of no definable genre, influenced by her work in genres such as riot grrl punk, pop, avant-jazz, rock, experimental electronica, techno, Balkan folk & gypsy. Her music harnesses many different styles whilst creating noiseworlds all her own.

Bela's solo performances are the stuff of legend: intense and exhilarating. Her command of her instrument and ability to attune to the uniqueness of the moment combine to produce music which is remarkably different and frequently spellbinding.

Using an array of electronics, pedals and effects that take the cello way beyond its usual sphere, Bela builds layers of rhythm and sound not just from strings and bow, but from every bit of the instrument. Sounds are looped, take on lives of their own, bounce off each other, drop in and out... The effect, as anyone who's heard her will testify, is mesmerising.