Anormals Audio IT 2013


The Anormals project incorporates unique ingredients such as sounds from nature, animals etc. and electronic guitar sonorities, setting itself up as a new occurrence in the field of electronic music.

Combining electronic sounds and guitar improvisation, the experimental music of the Anormals expresses, most of all, the internal freedom of its creators. The pieces are utopian and psychedelic at the same time and they bring within themselves a chaos which becomes organized while it is still happening.

The general impression is of absolute freedom, of total liberation of the music from any claim of harmonic consistency. Still, within the apparent chaos, the music happens and develops following a logic which brings to a higher sense of musical harmony and perception. The listener is continuously challenged to respond emotionally to the pieces, to recreate them in his/her own ears and mind. This is magnified during the performances by the interaction of images and sound, since they are enriched by visual performances that accompany the music in a totally exciting and unique audio-visual experience. And psychedelic!